Sounds Perfect


Seven colours makes a rainbow and seven chords makes a music , and so the piano keys are black and white but their sound fill millions of colours in our life. That’s why we say music is our life because we have our own BEATS. So here in this endless journey of Immix 2017 we are here presenting an INSTRUMENTAL music event named “SOUND’s PERFECT” for you to show your musical skills in front of masses and to mesmerize them with your music. So come, let the world feel the magic ooze from the notes of your instruments .


  • All instrumental styles are welcomed.
  • Competition will be held under Two categories:
    • Solo Performance
    • Duet
  • Competition will be held on two round.
    • Elimination - 3-5 minutes.
    • Final - 5-7 minutes.
  • Performances will be judged on overall artistic excellence as demonstrated by- Creativity of Tone, Expression, Rhythm, Clarity of notes and Strokes.
  • Participants must not exceed the time limit. Marks will be deducted for doing so.
  • Competitors must have perform different compositions if they are selected for final round.
  • same composition will be disqualify immediately.
  • Participants with keyboard or synthesizer will not have the option of playing beats with chords, arpeggios in their composition.
  • Instruments like keyboards and guitar(semi electric) will be provided .