The breath-stopper at IMMIX where sculpted males and gorgeous females walk the ramp with their display of sensational apparels. It is the platform for SINTILATING DIVA’S and the MASCULINE BOYS of the future to showcase their talent. With the likes of , Kota’s top models and many celebrities have sizzled the ramp in the past and premier fashion institutes participating, Vogue is set to attract numerous scorchers from all over the country this year.


Warm up with sparkle / Combination of Red & Black westerns.

Rules & Regulation

  • Participants are expected to bring with them, all the apparels, props, tracks and music CDs according to their respective themes, necessary for the event. CPU would not provide anything to the participants.
  • Minimum 6 & Maximum 10 participants in a group.
  • Participants must be in the age group of 16 to 25. He/she must be registered with immix’17.
  • Teams would be awarded points on the basis of their performance in 5 major categories
    • Dressing
    • Formation
    • Attitude & Personality
    • Theme
    • Attention with accessories
  • All teams should report for the prelims (by 10th oct 2017), as no direct entry to the Final event would be allowed.
  • The slot for the prelims is 10 minutes, including 5 minutes of setup time and 5 minutes of performance time.
  • Teams would be selected on the basis of their performance in the prelims to walk on the ramp in the main event.
  • The slot for the final event is 15 minutes maximum. 3 minutes of setup time and 2 minutes of stage clearance time and 10 minutes for performance.
  • In Round 2 Vogue teams should perform according to the given theme- Warm up with Sparkle.