In order to attend Immix'17, all you need is a valid college identity card. Register yourself on the website.
A Group Leader is the point of contact for his/her college. Everything that needs to be communicated to the college is done through the Group Leader. The Group Leader is also responsible for applying for accommodation on behalf of the college's students. During the fest, he/she is the representative of the Group from his/her college.
However there will be food courts operational during immix to cater the food requirements.
You first need to register for Immix'17 and get your IMX number. Your accommodation will then be confirmed by the Group Leader in coordination with the Hospitality Core Group members. The confirmation for the same will be communicated to the Group Leader before 25th September.
You need to proceed with the registration in a similar way. Irrespective of your time of arrival, your Group Leader will have to register & pay for everyone in his/her Group. As your registration at Immix would have been done by your Group Leader you can then contact him/her and directly arrive at your place of stay.
Yes! Team leader and all the members will separately register for Event as group but Team Leader Create Group(GIMX ID) & All Team member Enter GIMX ID & IMX ID(Team Leader).